one of the most important donations anyone can give is their time. Volunteers are needed in all aspects of giving back to the community. If you are interested in volunteer work, please leave contact information at: info@lightingthewaytransitionhouse.org


Vehicle Donations

We always appreciate vehicle donations. although we often accept car donations, not all vehicles are accepted, so it’s best to contact us first.


For more detailed information on how to donate your vehicle contact kwalker@lightingthewaytransitionhouse.org. Your vehicle donation will be used to help transition men and women back into society and will result in a tax deduction in accordance with IRS rules.


Online pickup scheduling for automobiles is also available.


Other Donations

*Appliances Donations
*Furniture Donations
*Household Goods Donations
*Men's & Women's Clothing Donations
*Miscellaneous Donations





Donate now and learn how you can make a difference. LTW is a charitable organization established to provided relief for those in need of transitional services.

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Room & Board
Voc Education

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Drug Free Environment
Referral Program
Affordable Housing



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